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Music Theory

The practice has maintained a 100% success rate in ABRSM theory exams. The average mark across all grades is 91% - the Associated Board’s pass mark is set at 66% whilst 80% is required for a merit and 90% is required for a distinction.

Theory is a very important part of a musical training. It is the ‘written’ side of music and involves learning the ‘whys and wherefores’ of how music is written. It’s importance should never be under-estimated and it is worth noting that no-one may progress beyond grade 5 practical standard with the ABRSM without first gaining a grade 5 theory pass.

Music theory is a fascinating subject and the teaching of the subject is an absolute passion for me. Theory is included in all lessons, whether that be in a verbal and practical sense in the early stages of learning or more formally as students progress.

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