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Piano & Keyboard

Exam passes, both practical and theoretical, can provide valuable milestones for many pupils and the practice, where appropriate, uses the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations service for piano and theory and the London College of Music examinations service for keyboard exams. However, pupils are entered for examinations only if they wish to be and then only if they are certain to achieve success.

To date, the practice has maintained a 100% pass rate in both theory and practical examinations and the average marks achieved by all pupils over the 30-year life of the practice are as follows:

In practical examinations, the practice average mark awarded is 125 marks – significantly above the Associated Board’s published worldwide average mark of 116. In fact, over 80% of all entrants have scored above the published worldwide average, whilst 44% of all entrants have achieved merit level marks (120+ marks) and a further 30% have achieved distinction level marks (130+ marks). This compares very favourably with the AB’s published averages of 4% fail, 45% pass, 35.5% merit and 15.5% distinction.


All London College of Music keyboard exam entrants have achieved distinction level marks and the average mark achieved is 95%.           

Several students have achieved Distinctions in all of their grades 1 – 8.

Many students have gone on to study general music, composition and instrument-specific degree courses at music colleges and universities across Britain.

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